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Reliable and individual packaging solutions.

Pakstation Venlo B.V. is a member of the Weyers Group. Our expertise lies in providing diverse packaging solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements. We pride ourselves on using modern packaging equipment and employing a highly flexible staff, which enables us to quickly and reliably fulfill every customer request with regards to packaging, outer packaging, commission, and the entire packaging process.  We can provide a wide range of packaging options, including shrink-wrapping in film, packing in plastic bags or nets, and packing in various cardboard boxes or plastic crates. Our team of experts is dedicated to working with you to develop a customized packaging solution that meets your individual needs.

We understand that labeling is an important part of the packaging process, which is why we use several modern labeling machines to ensure that your products are accurately labeled after packaging. This is just one of the many ways we are committed to providing high-quality packaging solutions to our customers. At Pakstation Venlo B.V., we believe that every customer is unique and deserves personalized attention. That’s why we take the time to listen to your needs and develop a tailored packaging solution that meets your specific requirements.

Looking towards the future.

At Pakstation Venlo B.V., we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. As a service provider for packaging, we are committed to regularly experimenting with and expanding our range of economical and ecological packaging solutions. We believe that our strength lies in our ingenuity and experience, and we are always exploring innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact. We are proud to offer natural branding for hard-shelled (organic) products such as ginger, sweet potato, and pumpkin upon request. This is just one of the many ways we are working to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability.

All of our machines are suitable for a wide range of packaging types, and can be adjusted and configured to meet the specific requirements of almost any food product. We understand the importance of meeting the high demands of our customers, and we are committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality packaging solutions that meet your individual needs. At Pakstation Venlo B.V., we believe that sustainable practices are essential for the future of our planet. That’s why we are continually exploring new ways to reduce waste, minimize our environmental impact, and promote sustainability in all aspects of our business. Thank you for choosing Pakstation Venlo B.V. as your packaging partner. We look forward to working with you to develop innovative, sustainable solutions that meet your specific needs.

We are happy to help you.

  • Erik van Maren

    Director Speaks Dutch Speaks German Speaks English +31 (0)773 0686 93
  • Mario Schoch

    Manager Pakstation Speaks German Speaks English +31 (0)777 8207 63
  • Henk Peeters

    Department empties Speaks Dutch Speaks German Speaks English +31 (0)773 0686 94

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