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Over 50 years of passion for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Grandpa Weyers started his agricultural journey in Weeze in the 1960s by growing potatoes, which he sold directly to customers at his farm and at local market stalls. Along with his two brothers, they expanded their operations to cover trade and transport, but their product range remained limited to potatoes. As the quality and freshness of their produce gained popularity, customers began to express interest in a wider variety of vegetables. This sparked the idea to expand their offerings and provide the same exceptional quality to their customers across a broader range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Today, the Weyers Group has become a major international player in the industry, but still upholds the same values that began with Grandpa Weyers – freshness, quality and reliability.

Under the leadership of Robert Friedrich and Anja Weyers, the second generation of the family, and with the upcoming third generation of Robert Maximilian and Saskia Weyers, the company continues to pursue its mission of supplying fresh and high-quality produce to people all over the world.

The Weyers Group is not just a trading company, but a family-like association of partners that spans the entire value chain of production, packaging, storage, marketing, and transportation. With optimal transparency over all processes, the company can provide customers with individual offers tailored to their needs and ensure the highest quality of its products. The Weyers Group is proud to have a dedicated team of growers, sellers, and transporters who have been working together in partnership for years to promote innovation and drive success.

Butte hupen Luftaufnahme der Weyers Lagerhallen in Venlo

For a sustainable future.

The Weyers Group recognizes that issues such as food safety and food supply chains will become increasingly important in the future. They believe that selling fresh produce within a closed chain will be crucial in order to continue to play a prominent role in the fruit and vegetable sector in the near future.

The company’s efforts are focused on the grower, the end buyer, and the retailer. They believe that having a direct relationship between the producer, supplier, and buyer will lead to an optimal match between supply and demand in terms of quality and quantity. This is one of their core values that they have been living by for years.

To achieve this, the Weyers Group emphasizes correct and well thought-out packaging, good and just-in-time logistics, and certified quality management. These services complement their core competence of strategic purchasing and sales.

To our quality management

Proud growers.

Weyers is committed to sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly practices. The company believes that it is their responsibility to preserve natural resources and biodiversity for future generations. To achieve this, they use integrated pest management systems, crop rotation, and organic fertilizers in their cultivation methods. They also invest in renewable energy sources and work with local communities to reduce their carbon footprint. By implementing these sustainable practices, Weyers ensures that their products not only meet high-quality standards but also contribute to a healthier planet.


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Our mission

As a family business, we have been working for over 50 years to ensure that high-quality fruit and vegetables reliably find their way into the market. Our mission is to treat everyone involved in this process as part of the whole, to pay them fairly and to create the necessary conditions so that everyone benefits from each other collectively. We want to bring producers and consumers together and connect every single partner needed to make this happen. We do this by covering the entire value chain within our own parent company, from grower to supplier, and through long-standing partnerships with growers and other service providers that benefit everyone.


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